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Summer Yard Care Tips
- Central NC

1. 2018 is gonna be a hot one.

If the temperatures so far this year are any indication, North Carolina is in for a very hot summer. And with 90-degree weather comes the real risk of dehydration. And not just people. Your yard gets baked 8 hours a day by the hot sun, and it, too, gets thirsty. One of the best investments you can make is a rain gauge. By monitoring the amount of water your yard receives each week, you can tell when - and if - you need to hand water to supplement the week's rainfall. The goal is one inch of water each week.

2. Weeds love the heat.
Ever notice how when things get hot and dry the only green that stands out seems to be the weeds? Many think that weed treatments are only meant for the spring, but unless you have a plan, and use the right treatments at the right time - and at the right temperature - you run the risk of real damage. Call us for more information.


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